Mutants & Masterminds: Emerald City Heroes

The Blue Comet

Season 1: Episode 1

Yellow Brick Row, Emerald City

Ron was enjoying the beautiful spring weather in Emerald City.

His nephew, Jeremy Cobbler had invited him to join in on a gaming session at The Garage, a popular RPG shop in Yellow Brick Row. Jeremy and his fellow gamers were such regular gamers The Garage that the store owner allowed them the use of a back room for their Saturday sessions.

Ron was hoping the Garage Gamers Group, as Jeremy and his friends were known as by the local gamers , might play Mutants & Masterminds later in the day. Ever since his college days when a roommate introduced him to the game, Ron was hooked. He had tried on his own to start up a gaming group, but it was getting harder and harder to find people his age willing to spend even one night a week playing table-top games. Ron never realized just how many married people with commitments there were until now.

He had bee married once, but it didn’t last. It was for the better. She didn’t quite understand him anyway.

Ever since his brother Reginald passed away a few years back, he had been busy trying to spend more time with his nephew, Jeremy. To Ron, Jeremy filled that void he missed at being a father. In the nine years he had been married, he and his wife couldn’t have kids.

To Ron, Jeremy was like having his own son.

Ron looked at his cellphone. It was almost 5 PM. He told Jeremy he was running late and would meet him around 5 PM. Jeremy said the 3G (Garage Gamers Group) had instead decided to play Caverns and Creatures, another roleplaying game Ron enjoyed in his younger days. He said they may switch over to Mutants & Masterminds if there was still time.

After a bus passed the intersection, Ron crossed the street. He noticed two men carefully trying to load a large piece of mirror onto the back of a delivery truck. They both looked up at the sky. Ron, too, looked up and wondered at the sight of thick black clouds forming overhead. Even for Emerald City, a city that sees more rain that sunshine, a storm like this in spring was highly unusual.

Ron looked back at the men carrying the mirror. He noticed himself in the mirror. He prided himself for keeping fit despite being forty-one. He didn’t even shaving his head, a look that many college girls and his female colleagues complemented him on.

A bolt of lighting suddenly lanced down from above and struck Ron, knocking him to the pavement. The silvery bolt then arced away from him and struck the mirror causing the two men holding it to scream and almost drop the large mirror.

For a second, Ron swore he saw his reflection in the mirror move on its own rather than mirror his own movements.

Suddenly and unbelievably, Ron witnessed his own reflection step out of the mirror and stand several feet away from him.

Ron looked his reflection, or rather his double. It seemed like his entire body was vibrating at super fast speed.

As Ron looked at his hands, he noticed that they were also vibrating almost too fast for the eye to register.

His double looked at the two men still holding the mirror. He turned and with a sudden movement of his hands caused the mirror to shatter. Ron’s double then quickly moved to close in on him.

“I’m not sure what world this is and how you can exist,” Ron’s double said. “But there can only be one of us!”

To be continued…



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